Fostering Hope undertakes a number of activities to promote, encourage and support fostering within Christian communities.

We work with churches to help identify prospective carers from amongst their members and to educate these churches on how to support carers effectively. We believe that churches filled with Christians who are passionate about helping vulnerable children is the best way that we can meet our community’s need for more and better-supported passionate loving foster carers.


We believe that there is tremendous untapped potential amongst Christians and churches and that potential just needs to be awakened. 


Our key activities are in the boxes below. Click on the links to find out more, or feel free to contact us .

Encourage fostering

Recruit and support new carers

Organise mentoring

for kids in care

Organise a buddy program

to support new carers

Train people in churches 

Provide trauma training

Advocate for fostering

Building awareness about fostering in the church community

Events and morning teas

for foster carers

Help churches support carers

Organise wraparound help for carers

Extra training for carers

Run a preparation for fostering training