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We seek partners from individuals, community groups and churches. Partnering with us encourages carers in your church and community that you are there for them and encourages your members to continue supporting them, understanding the need and considering they could respond.


Partners will receive,

  • Monthly needs for Fostering Hope

  • Support delivering trauma training

  • Support in supporting carers and children in care in your community

  • Monthly updates on upcoming Fostering Hope events


We ask you to,

  • Continue considering the work of Fostering Hope and individual carers and children in your community

  • Host an annual Stand Sunday event

  • Continue to raise awareness about the need for carers and mentors

  • Actively support carers and children in care in your church or community.


To find out more CONTACT 

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You can support our work with one-off donations or more frequent support. Financial support allows us to provide greater awareness for the needs of children in care, provide more support to those currently and future providing care for them, and delivering additional services such as our mentoring program and resource development.

Any support is enormously helpful and appreciated.

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