Buddy program for carers

Entering the world of foster and kinship care is exciting, messy, and daunting. As Christians we enter it relying on God for our motivation and trusting Him to put the right child into our home and the right people around us.

At the same time, the world of fostering is totally out of our control. We have no control over the workers, the legislation, the decisions of birth families, and even some decisions for the children in our care. 


Each journey is unique, and often only other carers understand it.

They can hear your frustrations knowing you aren't judging, can see your tears for the child in your care knowing you aren't over-attached, can hear your concerns for your own family knowing you still trust God with the process. 


This is why Christian mentors - buddy foster carers - are so important.

We would like to see all new Christian foster or kinship carers matched, and then supported, by a current Christian foster or kinship carer for their first 12 months as a carer.


All the mentors have been through a training program and are supported by Fostering Hope.

Become a mentor

Are you keen to share your experience fostering with a new carer? 

Are you

  • committed to a positive approach

  • currently providing foster or kinship care

  • a good communicator that gets on well with people

  • have you had experience with hardships, and are a good problem solver

  • aware of services available in their local community for both carers and children

  • committed to maintaining confidentiality

  • available to give time to the program, and able to access the internet and email.

If so we'd love to hear from you, please fill in the form and email it to us or contact us here.

New carers in need of a buddy

Are you a new carer that would love some support for the start of your fostering experience?

The program offers 12 months of monthly face-to-face catch-ups between buddies. You can contact your buddy by phone or by email as needed. 


The program will help you to feel part of a team, learn from another carer and get support from someone who is in your situation.

Please fill in the form and email it to us if you're interested or contact us here.